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1-10V Dimmable LED Driver, 2V - 72V, 700mA, IP20

Part Code: PSDIM700

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Part Code: PSDIM700

A 50W constant current LED driver for 700mA Collingwood LED products. Fit up to 6 700mA LED products, which is also compatible with Collingwood's new range of recessed LED retail lights. Fit up to two RDSM or SQSM products. The PSDIM700 can be controlled by a 1-10v analogue dimmer if you wish to dim. Link up to ten PSDIM700 to one 1-10v dimmer by using a 1m sync cable provided. An extended sync cable of 4m is also available as a separate product to further extend the distance between each power supply.

Output Current 700mA
Output Voltage 2V - 72V