Professional Masonry Drill Bit, 12mm, 150mm

Part Code: P12.0X150

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Part Code: P12.0X150
  • Straight Shank Design Straight shank design manufactured to PGM standards for a secure fit into 3 Jaw Chucks
  • High Quality Steel European sourced high alloy steel ensures strength and durability
  • Proven Flute Geometries Proven flute geometries enable maximum spoil removal, speed and penetration rates
  • Copper Brazed to 1100°C Furnace brazing process uses a copper braze to 1100°C giving the ultimate bond between body and tip, allowing the drill bit to withstand greater pressure and produce a greater number of holes
  • Percussion Grade Carbide Tip Tip is specially designed with sharper angles specifically for percussive drilling, providing extended life in masonry materials
Diameter 12mm
Length 150mm