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eRAD Now Available!

The eRAD heating system combines innovation and state-of-the-art design to produce one of the most intelligent heating solutions available. Delivering modern heating systems for both domestic and commercial use, eRAD harnesses infrared technology and couples it with a dedicated control pad using bespoke software to provide carbon efficient heating for the home or workplace.




RAD is at the forefront of energy efficient heating solutions. With a Control Pad that is recommended by the Energy Saving Trust, the infrared central heating system reduces energy consumption and can reduce your energy costs by up to 90%. The energy saving radiators will also significantly reduce your carbon footprint too, so whilst you save money you’ll be helping to save the environment.

What makes it different?

eRAD panels utilise the very latest advances in infrared heating. Our intelligent heating solutions can be tailored to your specific requirements via a control panel featuring patented software technology. This delivers bespoke heating solutions accurate to within one tenth of a degree. At home, at work or across multiple sites. eRAD delivers the most modern heating system, researched and developed in Britain and with global potential.

For more information on the eRAD range, visit our dedicated page.

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