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New Rointe Range


Rointe, the leading digital heating company have just launched their new range under the monicker of Kyros. By specialising in the manufacturing of electric radiators, towel rails and water heaters their team have managed to create a new range of products with the perfect balance between design and functionality.

So what makes the new models stand out from the previous and highly popular K series? Rointe gives you the opportunity to enjoy the most complete and modern radiators on the market with a compact finish, modern appearance and the flexibility to be installed in any environment.

The new Kyros range also takes advantage of Rointe’s patented Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology, which provides up to 62% savings in power consumption. The efficient administration of this technology, in addition to achieving excellent room temperature stability and an improved power administration ensures that you can obtain an equivalent consumption coefficient of only 38% of the nominal power.

The other specifications of the new Kyros range include;

  • A much improved surface temperature, ensuring accidents are avoided.
  • An injected aluminium design, with the curved design allowing the perfect release and distribution of the warmed air into the space to be heated.
  • A new control panel that was injected with polycarbonate flame retardant PC/ABS, a high resistance material to protect against ultraviolet rays, thus preventing colour degradation over time.

The full Kyros range is now available for purchase, with free delivery on all orders.

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