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Get your hands on an AirWheel

Looking for a great gift idea this Christmas? Why not check out the AirWheel?

The Airwheel is essentially a personal transport vehicle that is self balancing, using a gyroscope and attitude control stabilisation to keep you standing upright. It’s designed to be lightweight meaning its convenient to take with you and carry around on a daily basis. It’s very eco friendly and uses the latest technology to able it to last for up to 30 miles on a single charge.

High elastic silicone facias makes the AirWheel soft, flexible and comfortable against your legs. It also means the exterior is very durable and holds up to everyday wear and tear.


Would you like to win an AirWheel and a night out with Spencer Matthews? The reality TV star from Channel 4’s Made in Chelsea recently visited our Normanton HQ, along with two AirWheel professionals, to show us how the device really worked. We found that the AirWheel is very much like a bike, it takes just a bit of practise to give you hours of entertainment.

To enter our competition, please visit our Facebook page and before you know it, you’ll be zooming through the office, campsite or even around your local area! We definitely think it is the new way to travel.


Its all good hearing from us how fantastic the AirWheel is, but what do other people think to it. We’ve scoured the internet to find some reviews from everyday people as to why they love using their AirWheel.

– James Rivington from Tech Radar says:

“When you’ve learned to use the AirWheel it really is a lot of fun to use if you can find some space. It feels great to glide across a wide open space, turn around, zoom about, stop, go and so forth. Racing them I imagine being a lot fun too.”

– Jay from Aerocam says:

“The joy with one of these, is that there is much reward at every stage of the way, and some extra when you get there ! The final prize is being able to go anywhere you like, at any speed you like (within reason), with ease, grace, and style, and of course not having to walk.”

– says:

“Learning to ride this is a lot of fun. I found myself looking forward to the next session. It feels bizarre to go up and down slopes, as with a bicycle you are used to your body tilting forwards or backwards.”

– Spencer Matthews in the Daily Mail says:

“This is the present that every gadget-nut will want. It has a top speed of 12mph (a pretty swift running pace) and you can go on roads, pavement, sand or dirt tracks and it’s easily portable. It’s easy to learn how to ride – no harder than riding a bike and I go everywhere on mine.”

We are sure you can find much more reviews online. The AirWheel was recently featured on The Gadget Show too, which you can view here. For more information on this fantastic piece of technology, visit our AirWheel page.

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