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YESSS Fire, Security and Access Products are Now Available Online

YESSS Fire, Security and Access products now on-line.

New research released by South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue service reveals that two thirds of people in the county haven’t tested their smoke alarms in months, with only one in 10 saying they follow national guidance to test their smoke alarms weekly. The Yorkshire fire service has been to more than 100 house fires in the last 3 years where smoke alarms were fitted but not working because the battery was missing or flat or the alarm was faulty.

Tough new legislation requiring CO alarms in Scotland came into effect on Oct 1st, mirroring that in N Ireland. The Republic of Ireland will follow suit in the first quarter of 2014.
In England/Wales the Building Regs are much tamer currently so this applies to Solid Fuel appliance homes only.
It is hoped there will be mandatory CO alarm legislation regards all rental properties will get enacted prior to the next election.

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